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Teaching freedom within confinement

While shackled to a mirrored podium, a sense of freedom is rare. Self imposed of course because I chose to be there. ‘There’ being a Bikram teacher born out of ignorance, because in the beginning, ignorance is bliss. Time changes and so do we if we’re up for the challenge and for me it’s been […]

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Respiratory partners: the heart and lungs

During Pranayama last night I was shocked at how out of practice, my practice was, after taking time off. I could barely inhale for a count of 2 let alone a slow count of 6.. why? All we do is inhale then exhale, over and over again, 2 sets of 10; coupled with movements of our elbows up & down, and head back & forth. Simple right, but what’s really happening inside? I’ve heard the line, “warming up the body before class” so many times, I’ve even spoken it myself, haha, why do we all repeat the same cliched yoga speak?!

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home.. (far) away from home

I’m a yogi and it’s been 1 month, 11 days since my last practice.

The body needed a break after 365 days in a row and I was looking forward to not feeling anything, not an ache, stiffness, pain – good or bad. It took a few days before I awoke and felt.. nada! Ah yeah that’s it.. oh no, wait.. hehe, false alarm: just the faintest, little stretching at the corners of my mouth.

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Nightmare on Truellhof Strasse

“I have a small ‘program’ for you today” Sonja smiles when I finally drag my tired, ruffled body out of bed. It’s 10:30 and I’m kicking myself for not getting up before 08:00 when the hot water was turned off in the apartment block for maintenance over the next 3 days. A vision of cold […]

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“One on One” with Pranayama

Sorry but Bikram has asked for the “One on One” series to be taken offline. This is because by the end of the 12 months I will have covered all postures in the series and some people may try and link these together to perform a class rather than just appreciate them for what they […]

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