Gong Sound Meditation Event

If you’re living on the Sunshine Coast, Australia or plan to visit sometime soon, then lock-in Sat 25th Feb. I’ve invited Leith James up from Brisbane to perform a Gong Sound Meditation for the yoga students at Bikram Yoga Kawana. Open to all, yogis, not-yet-yogis and non-yogis alike, please come along, lay back with a […]

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Masquerading as Consciousness

Hello yogis, how time flies! Sometimes I don’t have much to say, often times a lot but I’m still grasping the concepts myself and need more time, other times I think people wouldn’t be interested anyway. Mostly it’s the second one and since I tend to spend a lot of time finding then playing with […]

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Light on Reading

Teaching freedom within confinement

While shackled to a mirrored podium, a sense of freedom is rare. Self imposed of course because I chose to be there. ‘There’ being a Bikram teacher born out of ignorance, because in the beginning, ignorance is bliss. Time changes and so do we if we’re up for the challenge and for me it’s been […]

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Nasal breather vs mouth breather

You want my tongue where?!

Where is the correct placement for your tongue in your mouth? The other week, a student asked me this question after a Yoga teacher told the class to relax the tongue from the top of the mouth, down to the bottom of the mouth during Savasana. I’m glad he asked since I’ve heard the same instruction […]

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Iśvara & the motorcycle trucker cap

I’m currently moonlighting on a film job near the beautiful beaches of Yamba, Northern NSW, Australia. I’d just arrived back on location after a morning surf and realised I’d left my new Hurley fusion wetsuit jacket at the beach… Faaarrrck! I jump in the car, pedal teasing metal and cruise 40mins down l o n g country […]

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Bikram, your notice has been served.

The Request for Bikram to Step Down in Respect of Ethics and Yoga In the morning of 25 Feb, I had just finished teaching two Bikram Yoga classes and was catching up on social media. After reading the latest charges being brought against Bikram, bravely posted by Janelle Leat on fb (and allowed by Jill […]

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Unify through Breath

During Asana practice, most of the time it’s the physical aspect of the practice people focus on, because that’s what is seen: how flexible, supple and strong we are. However, how we breathe, how we feel the breath and how we coordinate our breathing with our movement is more extraordinary. In our Yoga practice we […]

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Hey, I just got “Mindfulness Eating”!

How often do you really taste and appreciate what you eat? Recently, I tried mindfulness eating and it literally blew my mind. I became so engrossed in so many subtle ways, perhaps similar to the sensation of flavours, a baby experiences for the first time. I can understand how the fashion of mindfulness-everything can have you […]

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Growing as a Yoga Teacher

When you lack pearls, wisdom is waiting for you… somewhere. It may drop in your lap, other days you have to search for it. This afternoon, I read a blog post that seemed to float down into my dinghy of doldrums, a puff of wind later, my hand reached for the tiller, Aye Cap’n, ashore we go! Intention Leads […]

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Retuning the compass

After almost 5 months since teaching and practicing a Bikram Yoga class, I drop in to see what I’ve missed. My expectations were low. It wasn’t until I received a short, heartfelt email from a student a few weeks ago, that I realised I’d missed teaching. It prompted me to practice to an audio playback of my […]

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