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Pranayama - Standing Deep Freezing

Pranayama – Standing Deep Freezing

I tried to enjoy my last 19 days left in South America (without yoga). I hung out in Buenos Aires, and when the passport finally arrived, took a snappy 26 hour bus ride north to Florianopolis, Brazil (don’t ever spend that long on a bus!). I bid farewell to Bikram Yoga Buenos Aires and for the first time in many months, looked into the sweaty mass of bodies and held back the urge to tear off my clothes, run in and join them. Could I be missing it already?!

With a silly grin and spinning compass, I jumped on a plane, finally heading home to my next location. Somewhere new, exciting.. somewhere very, freakin’ cold.

First though, back in Budapest – deja Vu (plus snow), ironed and lovely smelling clothes, shots of Palinka, Unicum, home made wine, Hungarian cuisine and finally.. total relaxation! Big hug and many thanks to Veronika’s family.

During this time though, I went through a little post 365 day challenge disorder: I didn’t want to talk about yoga, my challenge, how I felt, changed, gained, lost or remained the same. I wanted to say hello to old friends but laid low, shuffling the snow.

Turn page. I wake in my new home to a freshly brewed espresso, stare out the window at my little hill of bare trees and snow, and start a set of the deepest, most enjoyable Pranayama yet. I continue to Standing Head to Knee then collapse – cold and stiff. Had weakness crept in already?! Haha but it was enough to start the familiar tickle as the first droplet of sweat snaked its way down my bum-crack.
I am alive again!

The blog continues.. at home, a new one in Stockholm, Sweden.

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