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I Show Purusa the Inside of my Garage

This morning I prepare for my Yoga practice. I tongue scrape, brush my teeth then unroll the mat in the garage. Just raising my arms above my head lets me know I’m not quite ready. 6am on a Sunday isn’t that early for me so I try Lara’s warm-up. Nope, still stiff and sore. The […]

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Gong Sound Meditation Event

If you’re living on the Sunshine Coast, Australia or plan to visit sometime soon, then lock-in Sat 25th Feb. I’ve invited Leith James up from Brisbane to perform a Gong Sound Meditation for the yoga students at Bikram Yoga Kawana. Open to all, yogis, not-yet-yogis and non-yogis alike, please come along, lay back with a […]

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Masquerading as Consciousness

Hello yogis, how time flies! Sometimes I don’t have much to say, often times a lot but I’m still grasping the concepts myself and need more time, other times I think people wouldn’t be interested anyway. Mostly it’s the second one and since I tend to spend a lot of time finding then playing with […]

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Unify through Breath

During Asana practice, most of the time it’s the physical aspect of the practice people focus on, because that’s what is seen: how flexible, supple and strong we are. However, how we breathe, how we feel the breath and how we coordinate our breathing with our movement is more extraordinary. In our Yoga practice we […]

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Retuning the compass

After almost 5 months since teaching and practicing a Bikram Yoga class, I drop in to see what I’ve missed. My expectations were low. It wasn’t until I received a short, heartfelt email from a student a few weeks ago, that I realised I’d missed teaching. It prompted me to practice to an audio playback of my […]

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Aus Yoga Nats – 2014

The 2014 Australian Yoga Asana Championships were held on Feb 9 2014 in Melbourne, Australia. I didn’t travel down for the event but kept up to date by viewing the competitors performances online. Check out the results plus videos of the inspiring yogis on the YSAA facebook page. Congrat’s to all! Check out the winners, […]

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res·o·lu·tion  |  rɛzəˈlooːshən noun 1. A firm decision to do or not do something: he kept his resolution to practice a 30 Day Bikram Yoga Challenge  |  a new years resolution. • A formal expression of opinion or intention agreed on by a legislative body, committee, or yogi, typically after an intoxicated night.

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