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Dicky Knees, Distractions and Desires

I’m currently researching while writing about Standing Head to Knee Pose. I’m tackling intimidating Dandayamana-Janushirasana because my genu have severely curtailed my ability in class. I’ve a horizontal tear through my medial meniscus left knee and a large Bakers cyst bulging out the back of my right. It’s a frustrating fraca so I’m tail up, head tumbling […]

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"Right you little..."

You can polish a turd… if you listen.

As a teacher, it can be upsetting, knowing your students asanas would improve if they listened carefully before moving their bodies into the same position as yesterday, last week, last month, last year. I often say during class, “Move your body to each instruction you hear”. However, the nature of Bikram Yoga can make you […]

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It’s not you, it’s me

This week I started dialogue training with one of the other teachers at Bikram Yoga Noosa and Kawana. I started to feel the delivery of some of my postures was getting a little messy and I wanted to clean things up. In essence, when you return from Teacher Training, your dialogue should be verbatim. Unless […]

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Morter March - Think: "I am thankful and grateful for (goal)"

When Yoga is not B.E.S.T

The problem with being a Yoga teacher is that I expect the Yoga to be a somewhat cure all and when it doesn’t, I’m at a loss to choose another method or therapy for relief. I have little confidence in the medical system and after a recent injection of cortisone to my right elbow, although […]

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Our Beach Paradise

Sunny Coast Life, Australia.

A day off in the life of a Coastal Yogi… when the surf is flat! Up early to avoid the tourists at Eumundi Markets with my sister Heidi’s family. A little posing at our local beach; I fell off that log so many times! Bottling our first batch of Ginger Beer. Followed by evening Yoga Class. […]

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Juan – Coming to Kawana!

Some people pass through life known by one name. In the Bikram Yoga world, Juan Manuel Martin-Busutil is such a character. He is the 2012 International Yoga Asana Champion and he’s coming to Australia in March 2013. So far his tour includes Bikram Yoga Fitzroy, Bikram Yoga Brookvale, Bikram Yoga Gold Coast and Bikram Yoga Kawana, Sunshine Coast, […]

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1st Place - Youth division - Aisha Patterson

Australian Yoga Asana Championship 2013

Whether you think there should be Yoga Championships or not, now is not the time for debate. You cannot not be impressed by viewing the videos posted of this years Australian Championship held in Melbourne on 10 Feb. The YSAA has done a superb job of posting videos and photos on the YSAA facebook page as the […]

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Self Practice

I know it’s not the same as going to the studio; no heat the most glaring factor. But there’s nothing quite like finding the time and space within your own home, amongst all your distractions to practice yoga. In the studio you are told to resist the temptation to wipe the sweat, focus one point […]

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