365 Day Challenge

In 2009, I completed an epic 365 day challenge – 12 Months, 12 Countries, a Bikram Yoga 30 Day Challenge in each. My goal was simple: practice each and every day for one year. It was the hardest and most rewarding thing I’ve done so far in my life. I started at the Sunshine Coast, Australia and finished in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Check out the blog archives, Tour Dates, Progress Pictures, Sponsorship, Maps & more.

Blog archives:

Tour Dates 2009

January: Bikram Yoga Maroochydore AUSTRALIA – Completed.
Bikram Yoga Bangkok THAILAND –
March: Bikram Yoga Mumbai INDIA – Completed.
April: Bikram Yoga Dubai UAE – Completed.

May: Bikram Yoga Kozpont Budapest HUNGARY –
June: Bikram Yoga Luzern SWITZERLAND – Completed.
July: Bikram Yoga Malmo SWEDENCompleted.
August: Bikram Yoga Barcelona SPAIN – Completed.

September: Bikram Yoga Commercial Drive Vancouver CANADA – Completed.
October: Bikram Yoga Mexico MEXICO – Completed.
November: Bikram Yoga Viña del Mar CHILE – Completed.
December: Bikram Yoga Buenos Aires ARGENTINACOMPLETED!!!!

Progess Pics, Sponsorship, Mapping the Journey

Progress Pictures Jan-Jun 2009
Progress Pictures Jul-Dec 2009
Mapping the Journey
Global Bender 2009


Check out the various media articles I was featured in during my challenge.
Om Yoga Om 1/2009 (Swedish magazine)
Yoga Journal Germany (Das Magazin Juli + August 2009)
iQ Magazine Dubai 29 Apr-05 May Issue 0043
Mumbai Mirror – 29 March 2009

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