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home.. (far) away from home

I’m a yogi and it’s been 1 month, 11 days since my last practice.

The body needed a break after 365 days in a row and I was looking forward to not feeling anything, not an ache, stiffness, pain – good or bad. It took a few days before I awoke and felt.. nada! Ah yeah that’s it.. oh no, wait.. hehe, false alarm: just the faintest, little stretching at the corners of my mouth.

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La Recoleta Cemetery Buenos Aires

365 classes and finally starting to get it

While brushing my teeth tonight, I realised today marks my 365th class for the year! One class a day since 02 Jan 2009, with a double class in Switzerland and Sweden. My challenge is “12 Months, 12 Countries, a 30 Day Challenge in each” so technically 365 Days finishes on 01 Jan 2010; 2 classes […]

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Bikram Yoga Buenos Aires Foyer

Good morning Buenos Aires!

Twelve months rolls around pretty fast when you’re having fun.. hmm, I think there were a few other experiences thrown in there too haha but here I am, almost at the end of my Bikram shuffle with a month to go here at Bikram Yoga Buenos Aires, Argentina! After spending last month in a dank […]

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