Respiratory partners: the heart and lungs

Utkatasana on "The Chief", outside Vancouver. Photo by Sophia Ha

Utkatasana on “The Chief”, outside Vancouver. Photo by Sophia Ha

This morning I opened Bikram’s (2nd) book and read about, “breathing and our respiratory partners: the heart and lungs”. He has a great explanation about how the system works or doesn’t:

“True health requires that the lungs and heart work together, as in a happy marriage or a successful business relationship. The heart is like a trucking company under contract to distribute food (blood) to the rest of the body. The lungs run a supplier company, which provides the heart with fuel (oxygen). When business is good, the respiratory system and the circulatory system are a team, working together to deliver fresh, oxygenated blood to every system, internal organ, gland and tissue in the body.

Too Often, though, their relationship is dysfunctional and their joint business venture goes bad. Lungs Unlimited wants to know why Heart Co.’s shipments of blood are just sitting around at their deposit instead of going out to their shared customers. Heart Co. fires back that it’s not receiving the oxygen promised by Lungs Unlimited. The companies send sternly worded e-mails back and forth, then they threaten to sue. And all the while, guess who’s really at fault?

You are! Heart Co. and Lungs Unlimited are both wholly owned subsidiaries of You, Inc. You’re the owner – they’re in your body, after all – and if you’re not exercising properly, if you’re not practicing Hatha Yoga, you disrupt the supply chain and cripple the whole enterprise. You’re responsible for the lungs’ inability to ship oxygen to the heart and all the other customers in the body.”
Extract from “Bikram Yoga” by Bikram Choudhury.

I’m wondering that during my time off, if I had woken and just practiced a set of Pranayama every morning, I wouldn’t be feeling as crippled as I am now. I’m reminded of when I climbed “The Chief” with Sophia Ha, outside Vancouver during month 9. The valley was far behind me yet another huge mountain loomed ahead.

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2 Responses to Respiratory partners: the heart and lungs

  1. susan March 15, 2010 at 5:26 pm #

    wow. you’re truly an inspiration and f*in hardcore. keep it up brother! if you’re ever in san francisco, come to funky door yoga for some H-O-T H-O-T yoga.

  2. Matt March 16, 2010 at 12:09 am #

    Thanks Susan, would love to drop in.. I’ve heard funky door is funkin hard core too!