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Respiratory partners: the heart and lungs

During Pranayama last night I was shocked at how out of practice, my practice was, after taking time off. I could barely inhale for a count of 2 let alone a slow count of 6.. why? All we do is inhale then exhale, over and over again, 2 sets of 10; coupled with movements of our elbows up & down, and head back & forth. Simple right, but what’s really happening inside? I’ve heard the line, “warming up the body before class” so many times, I’ve even spoken it myself, haha, why do we all repeat the same cliched yoga speak?!

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Progress pics on The Chief, Vancouver

When a Bikram Yoga Teacher/Fitness Trainer/Photographer with a passion for rock climbing wants to show you around town, you know things might get a little crazy! That’s just what happened when I mentioned to Sophia Ha, that I still had to take my progress photos for last month. “I’ll take you up the Chief!” she […]

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Stranded in Dusseldorf!

I guess it had to happen sometime.. Nothing like a pilots strike to grind you to a screaming halt. More of a hurry up and wait actually but the gist is, I was flying from Barcelona to Vancouver via Dusseldorf today and I’ve missed my connecting flight! Since there was no morning class before my […]

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