Birthday Fool

Tricked into doing a 30 Day Challenge on my birthday; how did that happen?!

Last week, I mentioned to Ellen Söderhult, fellow teacher at Bikram Yoga duCalme, that the best thing for her practice right now was for her to do a 30 Day Challenge. Considering Ellen’s form lately (let’s be honest!), I didn’t think there was much chance in her doing 30 classes in a row, so I said, “I’ve been thinking of doing one too” (I wasn’t) then I foolishly added, “C’mon, I’ll do it with you!”

This morning she shows up to my 7am class and says “It’s on”, and then tells me I’m a day behind because she started yesterday! And she didn’t even wish me happy birthday!

The best thing to do when you start a challenge is to let as many people know as possible so I called her out in class; that way she can’t back out! So it’s official, challenge is on; if anyone wants to join us, you are very welcome. I’m off to take Ellen’s class now!


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One Response to Birthday Fool

  1. Ian June 18, 2012 at 9:43 pm #

    Nice one! Get back on the wagon Matt!