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TransferWise transaction example

Transfer $ Wise

In May, I travelled to Sweden to teach Bikram Yoga at duCalme for a approx one month. Previously, I lived in Stockholm and still have a Swedish bank account but I’d since wrapped up my Swedish company and therefore couldn’t legally invoice in Sweden anymore. Kim, the owner of duCalme likes to do business by the book and […]

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One of the lovely beaches, Sunshine Coast

duCalme to real calm

After 4 years to the day, I have returned to Australia to settle, for 12 months at least, to live and teach, enjoy the sun and surf and slow down to the Sunshine Coast vibe, where yogis wander in 10 mins before class, practice with peace and freshen up in the ocean after class. Suffice to say, life is a little more r e l a x e d in these parts.

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Ellen and Matt practicing Advanced at duCalme

Birthday Fool

Tricked into doing a 30 Day Challenge on my birthday; how did that happen?! Last week, I mentioned to Ellen Söderhult, fellow teacher at Bikram Yoga duCalme, that the best thing for her practice right now was for her to do a 30 Day Challenge. Considering Ellen’s form lately (let’s be honest!), I didn’t think there was […]

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