Clothing Review – Shakti “Mens Brazilian Style Trunks”

Today I will be reviewing the Shakti, Mens Brazilian Style Trunks, size (ahem) small. While teaching at Bikram Yoga duCalme in Stockholm, Sweden, the studio provided me with black Shakti shorts for teaching. I used 4 pairs over 2.5 years, teaching an average of 9 classes a week. I’ve also practiced Bikram Yoga in Shakti shorts since I was given a pair during my endlessbender in 2009. So I have time in the saddle, so to speak!

Before I get into the details, I’d like to mention that I do not receive any commission or samples from Shakti; I’m just writing reviews on yoga gear for my blog.


Shakti Trunks - Orange Single Colour Trunks

Shakti Trunks – Orange Single Colour Trunks

A reasonably thick, two layer garment made from Supplex, a blend of 90% Poliamyd, 10% Elastomer. Fabric maker Invista, claim it feels like cotton, is breathable, holds its shape, dries faster than cotton and retains its colour; true enough in my opinion. This blend of fabric gets my tick of approval. Shakti trunks don’t retain smell like other advanced stretch materials such as polyester/spandex which the new generation of surf shorts are mostly made from, so I prefer not to practice/teach in boardies anymore. In saying this, I have just purchased some Anahata trunks of polyester/spandex which don’t hold smell so it could be a fabric ratio problem. It’s interesting to note the Shakti seasonal, patterned trunks don’t sport the Shakti logo on the front. Also, the fabric appears to be slightly thinner and softer than the single colour trunks, but I’m not 100% certain.


Shakti Trunks - Gusseted crotch and Liner

Shakti Trunks – Gusseted crotch and Liner

Shakti Brazilian Style trunks are short, cut high on the thigh with a square leg. They have a gusseted crotch (an extra diamond shape bit of fabric added to the crotch that allows for extra movement or better fit), drawstring and elastic waist. Simple enough but in my opinion, they nailed it. The trunks are snug fitting but not overly tight and the waist is low but not teasingly, pubic hairingly low! With the thickness of the double layer fabric, I feel clothed and supported not skimpy and naked like my Yogabela trunks. There are some days where I wont wear other yoga brands but never a day where I wouldn’t slip on the Shakti.


Shakti Trunks in Action - Awkward Pose

Shakti Trunks in Action – Awkward Pose

The strength of the fabric, the two layer construction and the cut of the shorts make for a good fit on the body. I’ve never had to adjust Shakti shorts during my practice. They don’t ride up or slip down and the two layers of fabric seem as one. For instance, when you wipe your hands prior to grabbing the foot in Standing Head to Knee Pose, you’re not just moving one layer up your backside away from the other, they remain as one unit. There is sufficient support for your package and once you get settled in before class, you don’t have to do the “Juan juggle” as you go into Eagle pose! You can also be confident practicing Standing Bow Pulling Pose in the front row, without putting the ladies in the second row off their coconut juice.


Shakti Trunks - Seasonal Patterned Trunks

Shakti Trunks – Seasonal Patterned Trunks

Hint: check out the embroidered Shakti logo on the front of the trunks (single colour trunks only) to instantly find your size; what a great idea!

  • XSmall (waist 27″-29″) – ? logo.
  • Small (waist 29″-31″) – Gold logo
  • Medium (waist 32″-34″) – Silver logo
  • Large (waist 35″-36″) – Green logo
  • XLarge (waist 37″-38″) – ? logo

Sorry, I’ve never seen XSmall or XLarge sizes in shop so unsure of the Shakti logo colour on these. Can anyone help me out?

Care Instructions:

According to the label: Warm machine wash (temp’ should not exceed 40C or 105F), Do not bleach, Regular iron (steam or dry at low setting 110C, 230F), Do not tumble dry. Note: I have put them in the tumble dryer on low/synthetic setting with no obvious change in shape or performance, although perhaps a little tighter when they come out!


Shakti Trunks in Action - Rabbit Pose

Shakti Trunks in Action – Rabbit Pose

Shakti sells the Mens Brazilian Style Trunks online for US$49.95. This seems to be more or less the standard entry price for Mens Yoga shorts, which is a good deal considering how long they last. Check their “Clearance” tab for deals and your local Bikram Studio which may have stock on sale.


  • Been around since 2003 – they’ve lasted the test of time.
  • Stylish – A proven cut with a large choice of plain colours and seasonal prints.
  • Comfortable with a Double Layer – Snug fitting but with a double layer, I don’t feel overexposed, too sexy or try hard.
  • Durable – The only wear and tear on my 3 year old trunks was fraying of the embroidered Shakti logo.


  • Sometimes the elastic twists over itself in the waist band which is a minor hassle to rectify.
  • You can lose the string if you don’t secure it properly before they go in the washing machine.
  • The thickness and double layer of the fabric makes them appear heavier compared to single layer trunks.
  • Customer Service (maybe) – I emailed Shakti via their website a few weeks prior for some background info for this review and didn’t receive a reply.
  • As you can see I’m grasping at straws but I really cannot fault them!

My Rating:

Close up of Shakti Fabric

Close up of Shakti Fabric

I can confidently say these shorts are a workhorse of the Yoga apparel industry. Hard wearing, great construction, solid design and comfortable without feeling too naked, too sexy or too plain. I rate the Shakti Trunks an easy 8/10. I even offered to buy the shorts when I left duCalme and that says something considering they were 3 years old!

As a surfer, it took me a long time to switch over to “short” shorts; they just didn’t look manly. But if you are sick of readjusting your boardies constantly in class and you’ve never dared to wear “short” shorts before, take the plunge; it makes such a difference in your practice.

Please comment; how do rate your Shakti Brazilian Style trunks?

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2 Responses to Clothing Review – Shakti “Mens Brazilian Style Trunks”

  1. Helen Campbell March 7, 2013 at 7:27 am #

    an awesomely thorough clothing review…..great to see your CV is ‘fleshing’ out with some modeling work!
    Missing you over here though….classes are weighted in spoken Swedish so I have your tips ricocheting around my brain… fav being “we are going for millimeters here” 🙂
    best to you and V
    Helen C

    • Matt Jermyn March 8, 2013 at 1:46 am #

      Great to hear from you Helen! I’m missing dC but enjoying the beach and the 6am classes here on the coast. Re the modeling, it was me or our cattle dog and I didn’t want to get fur in my trunks!