Never challenge a Viking in jest!

“You’re all talk when it comes to a back to back class Matt” says Emma from Dubai. Well finally…

Joshua & MineWith Mine Taylan (Bikram Yoga Malmo studio owner) and her husband, Joshua returning from advanced teacher training, I was eager to meet them for the first time and booked in for Mine’s Swedish 8am class on Sunday. Erik suggested I take Joshua’s at 10:30 since his was in English but I’d decided to take Mine’s first, as a mark of respect.

“Why don’t we do both then?” challenging Erik to back to back classes the next morning. Erik worked nights and planned a yoga free weekend so I was sure he would balk at a double. That would be a no! The more he mused, the more he liked the idea, “plus it would be a good welcome home to Mine and Joshua”, he offered.

Hot travel tip #2: Never challenge a Viking in jest!

3 AmigosGetting home at 1am in the morning we jumped online, booking Erik in to the 8am class. With only one place available for the 10:30, I strategically convinced Erik he should sign up (my escape clause) and I would try my luck on the day. We then fueled up: 2 beef steaks for Erik, 2 salmon fillets for me, both grazing over a mountainous Feta Salad before getting 5hrs shut eye.

I’d heard how good Mine’s classes were: rich, flowing, precise and even beautiful. I wasn’t disappointed, but of course I couldn’t understand a word of it! The Swedish dialogue bypassed consciousness and I was swept along one of my most relaxed, yet powerful classes to date. As we sculled coconut water and snacked on fruit after the first class, we convinced Gwendolyn to join us for the double. With Erik’s suggestion, we lined our mats together in the front row, and moved as one, synchronizing our movements in and out of the postures throughout the second class. I’ve never thought to do this before but you can definitely feel the combined energy when you flow together.

Fueling up after classJoshua’s class was up there with the best and it’s hard to believe he’s only been teaching since Spring 2008 training. His international English flavoured the dialogue with trusted knowledge and good humour, although by camel pose my lump was in the wrong place and I slowed a little before the final savasana, bathing in the sweat bath that remained around our mats. Yeah.. ewgh!

Did I receive the energy that’s proclaimed after a double? I’m not quite sure what I  felt. As we rode home, I was neither electrified or exhausted, perhaps hovering somewhere in between. We (read Erik) did however have the energy to whip up a huge shrimp pasta with a couple of traditional Swedish shrimp sandwiches for good measure. Would I do a back to back again? You betchya, the food rocked!

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4 Responses to Never challenge a Viking in jest!

  1. Sara July 27, 2009 at 4:53 am #

    Where on Facebook are you??? We tried searching for you but didn’t find you! I’m Sara Culler (Austin, TX) network!
    David is David Fridlund (Sweden) network!
    Hugs to you and thank you so much for coming into our lives!!! You have a place to stay at any time you want! Keep in touch!!!

  2. Matt July 27, 2009 at 9:21 am #

    Hey Sara and David, thank you and likewise! Will be great to catch up with you guys in the states and I’ll be thinking of you both and sending you some loving yogic vibes as you get settled in Texas. I’ll look you up on facebook 😉

  3. Gwendoline July 27, 2009 at 10:25 pm #

    Hey Matt, Great to have done doubble class =) Looking forward to Thursday eve. Keep up the good yoga work and see you soon x x x

  4. Gwendoline July 27, 2009 at 10:28 pm #

    Hej Matt, and thank you for sharing a doubble class with me and Erik. The energy was great and the result unforgetable. It is inspiring to meet people like you, keep up the good spirit. And see you in class x x x