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Last night in Sweden

You wouldn’t read about it. My last night in Malmo, Sweden and I get lost! I thought I’d be a smart cookie and take the bus home from Bikram Yoga Malmo. It was late but I wanted to confirm the route I would be traveling the next morning to the 09:30 class with all my […]

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Never challenge a Viking in jest!

“You’re all talk when it comes to a back to back class Matt” says Emma from Dubai. Well finally… With Mine Taylan (Bikram Yoga Malmo studio owner) and her husband, Joshua returning from advanced teacher training, I was eager to meet them for the first time and booked in for Mine’s Swedish 8am class on […]

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Half Year Progress Pics

Half year progress pics are up, if you can call them that! There’s been talk of late that I just haven’t been putting my ass into it! To be honest, there have been a few days, like today actually, where my tiara falls off mid class, shattering on the wooden floor, along with my will, […]

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