Last night in Sweden

You wouldn’t read about it. My last night in Malmo, Sweden and I get lost! I thought I’d be a smart cookie and take the bus home from Bikram Yoga Malmo. It was late but I wanted to confirm the route I would be traveling the next morning to the 09:30 class with all my gear, and then on completion, straight to Copenhagen airport. Just to explain quickly: I have been riding everyday to yoga and this was the first time I’d caught the bus. Anyway, there I was sitting up the front to keep an eye on where the bus was going and.. hello Mr. Blanket Show: I fell asleep!

Yes, I can hear you laughing now but I can tell you, I was about as far from smiling as I was from my stop: some 6 stops past my stop! Of course I alighted at the next chance and while trying to work out where I was (by now 11pm) the return bus drove past me! (Insert your favourite swear word here)!! So with the next bus not for another half hour I walked most of the way home.

It was a pleasant walk of sorts though, as I got to practice my swear words in every language I’ve stumbled across so far!

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