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“Breath Focus Yoga” Returns to BYK

I’m very pleased to announce that BREATH FOCUS YOGA IS BACK at Bikram Yoga Kawana on the Sunshine Coast, QLD. I am teaching the following Breath Focus Yoga classes each week: 9:30am Tuesday 6pm Thursday It’s wonderful to see a Bikram (Hot) Yoga studio supporting another style of Yoga rather than just Bikram’s Beginning Yoga […]

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Light on Reading

Teaching freedom within confinement

While shackled to a mirrored podium, a sense of freedom is rare. Self imposed of course because I chose to be there. ‘There’ being a Bikram teacher born out of ignorance, because in the beginning, ignorance is bliss. Time changes and so do we if we’re up for the challenge and for me it’s been […]

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Nasal breather vs mouth breather

You want my tongue where?!

Where is the correct placement for your tongue in your mouth? The other week, a student asked me this question after a Yoga teacher told the class to relax the tongue from the top of the mouth, down to the bottom of the mouth during Savasana. I’m glad he asked since I’ve heard the same instruction […]

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Bikram, your notice has been served.

The Request for Bikram to Step Down in Respect of Ethics and Yoga In the morning of 25 Feb, I had just finished teaching two Bikram Yoga classes and was catching up on social media. After reading the latest charges being brought against Bikram, bravely posted by Janelle Leat on fb (and allowed by Jill […]

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The Cliffs of Moher

Breath, Lahinch slop & the Cliffs of Moher

I finished Tim Winton’s Breath while waiting for my bro, Ian to pick me up from Galway bus station. We were hoping to get some waves at Lahinch on Sunday. Although a small swell was forecast, it was a classic case of ya shoulda been ‘ere yesterday. Slop but we paddled out anyway, to the […]

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This is the End.

“Every Bikram teacher and practitioner, every Yoga teacher, every person needs to look in the mirror now too, and ask yourself really why are you doing it, what you came to Yoga for, and why. Think about it very carefully.” Bikram.

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Bikram Yoga & Cancer

There’s a lot of bull written about Bikram Yoga; but here’s an interesting one. Dr. Joel E Brame explains how Bikram Yoga helps to overcome the five basic characteristics of a cancerous body: 1. It is highly “acidic”. 2. It lacks oxygen. 3. It is full of toxic substances. 4. It has poor immunity. 5. […]

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The Movement to Make Bikram Yoga Carbon Neutral

I recently joined this facebook group: The Movement to Make Bikram Yoga Carbon Neutral. A group of Bikram Yogis and Teachers, and Especially Studio Owners who are DEDICATED to doing all in our power to make EVERY Bikram Yoga studio on Earth Carbon Neutral through energy efficient heat, lighting, hot water heaters and other appliances and […]

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TT Fall 09 – Happy as a Pig in ***t

Bikram Yoga Teacher Training – Fall 09 is in the 3rd week, so congratulations to all the students who made it to the Las Vegas torture chamber! For those of us who haven’t been, we can only try and imagine what it might be like, physically and mentally and emotionally. I’ve met a few yogis […]

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Progress pics on The Chief, Vancouver

When a Bikram Yoga Teacher/Fitness Trainer/Photographer with a passion for rock climbing wants to show you around town, you know things might get a little crazy! That’s just what happened when I mentioned to Sophia Ha, that I still had to take my progress photos for last month. “I’ll take you up the Chief!” she […]

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