“Breath Focus Yoga” Returns to BYK

Krishnamacharya teaching pranayama

I’m very pleased to announce that BREATH FOCUS YOGA IS BACK at Bikram Yoga Kawana on the Sunshine Coast, QLD.

I am teaching the following Breath Focus Yoga classes each week:
9:30am Tuesday
6pm Thursday

It’s wonderful to see a Bikram (Hot) Yoga studio supporting another style of Yoga rather than just Bikram’s Beginning Yoga class. Yin Yoga was as far as most traditional Bikram Yoga studios would stray, probably because Yin Yoga was considered so different it wasn’t competing in any way. It’s natural to be protective of what we love but it goes against nature when it stops us from exploring and growing.

What is Breath Focus Yoga?

Breath Focussed Yoga comes from the authentic teaching tradition of Sri T. Krishnamacharya and his son, T.K.V. Desikachar. The tradition is also known by the term Viniyoga. However Viniyoga usually refers to a prescriptive, personalised Yoga practice, known as Yoga Therapy.

I’ve called this particular group class Breath Focussed Yoga since we focus on, move with and therefore have a deeper affect on the function of the posture as a result. Another benefit is that we are not limited by a set sequence of postures or asana-s. This creates an opportunity to experience all the tools of yoga. During each class we predominantly practice physical movements (asana) and breathing exercises (pranayama). Depending on the focus or goal, we may include chanting (mantra), visualisation (bhavana) and meditation (dharana). I prefer to say dharana rather than dhyana since few of us may ever get to that level, at least in this lifetime.

When we explore all the tools of Yoga, we have a better chance of making a connection of what tool we can call on to help at different times through life. For example, a strong inhale focus morning practice to invigorate, a gentle exhale focus evening practice to relax, pranayama to strengthen your immune system or to release stress & anxiety, mantra to motivate or to just let go…

What to expect during a Breath Focus Yoga class

Dharana (concentration) on Mooladhara (root cakra)

  • Each class or series of classes may have a different focus or goal.
  • The class incorporates a varied selection of postures and may include a combination of standing, lying in supine & prone, inversions, kneeling and seated positions.
  • Postures are performed in vinyasa (moving in & out of the posture several times), static (staying in a posture for a period of time) or a combination of vinyasa and static.
  • Every movement is queued by the breath. Specific techniques like breath retention may also be introduced depending on the focus of the class and experience of the students.
  • Several forms of classical breathing exercises (pranayama) may be practiced, usually at the end of the class.
  • Meditation may also be introduced.
  • The room is not heated.
  • The class is 75 min.

If you are a studio owner and would like to see your students progress and gain experience in the many tools yoga has to offer, please consider adding a Breath Focus Yoga class in the Tradition of Krishnamacharya.

I hope to see you in a Yoga class soon. If you have an injury, illness or would simply like some extra help to destress, you may benefit from a personalised Yoga practice; in which case, call me for a Yoga Therapy consultation.

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