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26 Magical Asanas

After a particular hard class one day, I walked out of the studio and looked into the eyes of Rajesh Jain, sitting in a pool of sweat, also recovering from the torture chamber. I was drawn to him so I sat down, introduced myself and was touched to hear his story. It gives me inspiration […]

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Mumbai Yogis – Truly inspiring!

I mentioned in my Lost in Mumbai post, that 30 Yogis have joined me in the 30 Day Challenge at Bikram Yoga Mumbai. Well I was wrong, a whopping 53 have put their names down! Rowena, Ben and Maddy (Mumbai Bikram teachers) told me my journey inspired a lot of them to sign up and […]

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lost in Mumbai, India

I watched “Slum Dog Millionaire” a few weeks before leaving Australia hoping it would give me an insight into what was waiting for me in India and Mumbai in particular. I walked out of the cinema quivering a little inside and sporting a nervous grin, “yeah I’ll be OK, it’s just a movie right?” Well […]

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