lost in Mumbai, India

I watched “Slum Dog Millionaire” a few weeks before leaving Australia hoping it would give me an insight into what was waiting for me in India and Mumbai in particular. I walked out of the cinema quivering a little inside and sporting a nervous grin, “yeah I’ll be OK, it’s just a movie right?”

Well here I am, 3rd day in and getting lost at least once every day and I’ve hardly been out of my own neighborhood! It started with the prepaid taxi from the airport; I’d been told it would take 30-40 mins but some 2 hrs later, after midnight and 8 stops to ask for directions, I rock up at my new home; wide eyed, still sporting that nervous grin into the welcoming arms of my new host, Akhil Bali, a fellow Couch Surfer and film industry freelancer.

It’s been a crazy first few days and late nights. I’ve barely sat down and when I have it’s been on the back of Akhil’s motorbike, weaving through dusty lanes, popping out onto rickshaw crammed roads, stopping only to sip small glasses of chai tea and discuss the days business. Then grab a quick bite before arriving with 3 mins to spare before yoga class! 


I’m struggling big time in class; for some reason I’m finding the heat almost unbearable. I’ve felt like walking or crawling out of every class and the only thing keeping me going is the smiling bunch of yogis beside me. Everyone is so friendly but what I find truly inspiring is knowing that 30 other yogis have signed up to join me for the 30 day challenge at Bikram Yoga Mumbai / True Fitness!

For now though I have to get some shut eye. I haven’t been to sleep before 2 am since I arrived, not due to insomnia, just out and about in this city that doesn’t sleep. So stay tuned, I’ll try and have you experiencing as much as I can through my lens this month. 


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2 Responses to lost in Mumbai, India

  1. Renae Marsh March 7, 2009 at 7:40 am #

    glad you have arrived safely! Really looking forward to see lots of photo of Mumbai. We are very excited to share with you from Caloundra Bikram Yoga Studio that Natalie is doing her last class of her 30 days Challenge today!! Inspired by you and your poster. Next week we have another Ten starting their challenge including me. We are all enjoying the energy that is beening created Peace to all

  2. Heidi Jermyn March 7, 2009 at 6:08 pm #

    Matt, it all sounds fantastic! It’s so great that 30 people have signed up for the challenge with you – no pressure like smiling expectant faces of a crowd 😀