Mumbai Yogis – Truly inspiring!

I mentioned in my Lost in Mumbai post, that 30 Yogis have joined me in the 30 Day Challenge at Bikram Yoga Mumbai. Well I was wrong, a whopping 53 have put their names down!

Rowena, Ben and Maddy (Mumbai Bikram teachers) told me my journey inspired a lot of them to sign up and I’ve had the pleasure of talking to some of them after class, and sharing their experience.

To all the Yogis in Mumbai, Thank you. During the first 4 days I was here I wanted to walk out of every class and the only thing that kept me in the room was seeing all of you in the mirror, practicing with me, struggling as much as I was, knowing you were doing the challenge with me. So you are also my inspiration this month and will be for the rest of my journey!

A big thank you to:
Rowena, Maddy, Benn, Alka, Naresh, Rupa, Sanjay, Beena, Priyanka, Reena, Bharwa, Siddhartha, Sanda, Zeba, Sharmishtha, Ritu, Gunjan, Neekita, Mona, Rupa, Parigad, Ash, Melissa, Prashani, Shayara, Danesh, Sonndhya, Sunita, Meenal, Rita, Guatum, Krhity, Rajeev, Ali, Khushvoo, Kiran, Shelpa, Charan, Zoa, Veakena, Maria, Sneha, Janugen, Jignesh, Vishal, Rajal, Neetu, Soni, Prachi, Sherley, Muskean, Siddharth

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