26 Magical Asanas

After a particular hard class one day, I walked out of the studio and looked into the eyes of Rajesh Jain, sitting in a pool of sweat, also recovering from the torture chamber. I was drawn to him so I sat down, introduced myself and was touched to hear his story. It gives me inspiration and energy when I’m doing it extremely tough in class..

Hi, my name is Rajesh Jain and this is my story…

“Just 8 sessions of Bikram Yoga and I am on my way to reclaim my life. This would not have been possible but for Matt’s year long journey around the world doing a session each day as the day dawns.

On 2nd March I came all decked up to find out what promises did Bikram Hot Yoga hold and was nearly into a breakdown towards the second half of the session. As Benn (our teacher) said Namaste after the 90 minutes, I knew this was my chance to get out and never be back into this modern nazi hot chamber again!

On my way out I happen to glance at a poster proclaiming Matt’s arrival to the Bombay center in India and his year long challenge in 12 different countries for a month in each. I thought it takes all kinds to make the world and this man must have valid reason for going through the torture each day. Good luck to him and off I was to home after a quick shower.

My father saw my sweat filled clothes and asked what I had done. I gave him a detailed run down of the 90 minute drill Benn made us go through. I also told him that I will never return to Bikram Hot Yoga again ever in my life! On the dinner table I also mentioned to him about Matt, who was crazy enough to be doing what he is, but to my horror my father got really impressed about Matt and told me if he could do a 30 day challenge for 12 months, why did I not try a 3 day challenge to begin with?

I also pondered whether I was good enough. I thought 2 more sessions and I have won the challenge. So I brought myself back, pushed back, more back and held on to the 26 magical asanas for 2 more days.

Ever since I am in love. Toxins gone, weight finally on its way to what it should be. I feel great to be doing each of the 90 minute grilling sessions. Due to my business travel I have done 10 sessions in the last 23 days and promise to be back, more back and push myself back into the hot chamber again and again.

Thanks Matt and thanks Dad!”

Rajesh Jain, Mumbai India.

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2 Responses to 26 Magical Asanas

  1. Amanda March 29, 2009 at 11:44 pm #

    What a great story !!! Its so amazing to hear such
    positive stories from your trip.It must give you
    a warm fuzzy feeling šŸ™‚

  2. Matt March 30, 2009 at 5:42 am #

    Hey Amanda, it sure does. Rajesh’s story is one of many.. very inspiring for all!