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Iśvara & the motorcycle trucker cap

I’m currently moonlighting on a film job near the beautiful beaches of Yamba, Northern NSW, Australia. I’d just arrived back on location after a morning surf and realised I’d left my new Hurley fusion wetsuit jacket at the beach… Faaarrrck! I jump in the car, pedal teasing metal and cruise 40mins down l o n g country […]

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TransferWise transaction example

Transfer $ Wise

In May, I travelled to Sweden to teach Bikram Yoga at duCalme for a approx one month. Previously, I lived in Stockholm and still have a Swedish bank account but I’d since wrapped up my Swedish company and therefore couldn’t legally invoice in Sweden anymore. Kim, the owner of duCalme likes to do business by the book and […]

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The Cliffs of Moher

Breath, Lahinch slop & the Cliffs of Moher

I finished Tim Winton’s Breath while waiting for my bro, Ian to pick me up from Galway bus station. We were hoping to get some waves at Lahinch on Sunday. Although a small swell was forecast, it was a classic case of ya shoulda been ‘ere yesterday. Slop but we paddled out anyway, to the […]

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Warana Beach, QLD, Australia

Working with a new theme

Ireland. Where siblings find love and endeavour to call home. Where summer feels like winter, though if I was home it would be winter; you can’t escape all the time. I’ve travelled these roads many times past, each time last coincides with breathing new life into endless bender. My sister Heidi is my go to web guru. So after a […]

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Feeling a little trunky

Out of jokes in a foreign town

I feel even though I’m at a turning point, I have no-one to turn to. In reality, I have many people to turn to. I should feel lucky but I don’t. I could go either way but I can’t. Wherever I turn, I’m turned around. I guess I’ve used all my flip cards and the […]

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Do Hot Yoga...

The next best thing to being inside: outside!

After a shot of cortisone in my elbow on Monday, I’ve had to avoid, frustratingly so, the surf & hot room in favour of taking it easy (honey). I self-practiced midweek in the heat before class but it was a little too early, considering the $150 spent to inject and the pain poked me back […]

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Back in Pest

So good to be back in Budapest. Even though I speak less than 20 words of Magyar, I feel at ease in this city, so different from my home in Stockholm for the past 2.5 years. Fair enough, my girl is Hungarian, her family and friends live here and it’s our default holiday destination, so […]

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