Iśvara & the motorcycle trucker cap

Hey Matt, you slack bastard, I'm over here!

Hey Matt, you slack bastard, I’m over here!

I’m currently moonlighting on a film job near the beautiful beaches of Yamba, Northern NSW, Australia. I’d just arrived back on location after a morning surf and realised I’d left my new Hurley fusion wetsuit jacket at the beach… Faaarrrck! I jump in the car, pedal teasing metal and cruise 40mins down l o n g country roads back to the beach. 40mins?! Yeah but the jacket was barely 2 surfs old and there’s still honest folk out and about right? Grubby little grommets more like.

Mind oscillate, heart beat skip, damp wheel grip, I drive. Why oh why and how could I be so bloody vague? I was a little zoned out after some good waves but usually always I have my shit in one pile. (There’s some Australiana for ya – “usually always” loosely translates to “sometimes on a good day”). After a few clicks I realise how calm my breathing is; Yoga. Mind follows, heart slows, tunes flow and I mellow. Absently I start chanting, praying, call it what you will. Not the crazed, “oh my God help me, please oh God, make sure no dirty blond ass grom stole my $129 wettie!”. One all-encompassing word was enough: Isvara.

The word “God” has been overused, abused and at the age of 16, I was already turning my other, other cheeks. Lately my Yoga studies are giving me a new non-denominational appreciation. So for me, Isvara is neutral and after Yoga practice and meditation, I find myself trying to connect before I check out. So as 40mins turns to 4 to 2 to turn the corner and I’m there, I’m chilling, chanting and I don’t really care if my wettie is there, no-where or someone else’s wear because I’m connecting. Ok but I’m still human and a little anxious right.

As I pull in, my neck does a full 360deg recon and I already know it’s gone but wtf?! There’s my motorcycle trucker cap sitting on the grass, waiting for me all cheerful like! In the moment it takes my smile to reach my dimples, I understand what really matters. You see, the wetsuit jacket cost me $129 and although it was new, there was little connection to this material extravagance. However, my trucker cap was free, a damn cool gift from an old friend, full of good time vibe and what are the chances, really? It’s a wonder it was still there.

I reckon I’ll keep wondering if Isvara planted my cap there all along.

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