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Iśvara & the motorcycle trucker cap

I’m currently moonlighting on a film job near the beautiful beaches of Yamba, Northern NSW, Australia. I’d just arrived back on location after a morning surf and realised I’d left my new Hurley fusion wetsuit jacket at the beach… Faaarrrck! I jump in the car, pedal teasing metal and cruise 40mins down l o n g country […]

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Hiatus of sorts

It can be a good thing right? Well it was for me and after about 10 days off the mat I came back to the strongest class I’ve had in a long time. I’d been up north on Dunk Island (far north Queensland) for a few days working on a TV commercial, then chilled out […]

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Bikram Seminar – what a day!

With his shiny suit, glittering tie and diamond encrusted watch “I can’t see the time, too many diamonds!” he strolled onto the stage to a standing ovation. I was a little worried I wouldn’t like Bikram. What if I thought he was an arrogant, self absorbed guru and if so, how that would affect my […]

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