Hiatus of sorts

It can be a good thing right? Well it was for me and after about 10 days off the mat I came back to the strongest class I’ve had in a long time. I’d been up north on Dunk Island (far north Queensland) for a few days working on a TV commercial, then chilled out with friends in Brisbane for a few more.

I’m not sure what I felt more guilty about, missing 10 days or borrowing a car to drive to yoga. I usually ride but the weather was dismal, I was tired and I really needed a class. I’m not sure what was going on – It seemed my flexibility and strength had improved and I gained energy during class!

I put it down to mixing things up a lot lately. With the start of my first challenge looming, I’d been practising a lot less yoga, instead concentrating on riding and upper strength work. I think the riding has really helped loosen up my hips and since I do stretches after every ride, my hamstrings are also gaining flexibility.

Then of course the odd film job gets in the way of everything – I tell you it’s hard when work interferes with your life!

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