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Teaching freedom within confinement

While shackled to a mirrored podium, a sense of freedom is rare. Self imposed of course because I chose to be there. ‘There’ being a Bikram teacher born out of ignorance, because in the beginning, ignorance is bliss. Time changes and so do we if we’re up for the challenge and for me it’s been […]

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Iśvara & the motorcycle trucker cap

I’m currently moonlighting on a film job near the beautiful beaches of Yamba, Northern NSW, Australia. I’d just arrived back on location after a morning surf and realised I’d left my new Hurley fusion wetsuit jacket at the beach… Faaarrrck! I jump in the car, pedal teasing metal and cruise 40mins down l o n g country […]

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short days, long sleepless nights

A bout of insomnia lingers. I’ve done my best to kick it but each night my soul takes my restless conscious for a ride. It’s hungry for experience as much as I and if I don’t feed it enough during the day I’ll pay for it after midnight. I lie in the heat, drawing as […]

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Deep Stretch is Coming

Lotus: can you do it? We all have that area of our body which we would like to open up, go deeper and reach the next level of our practice, but what are we willing to do to get there? When I see people sitting in lotus with their legs crossed on top of each […]

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