Deep Stretch is Coming

Lotus: can you do it?

We all have that area of our body which we would like to open up, go deeper and reach the next level of our practice, but what are we willing to do to get there?

When I see people sitting in lotus with their legs crossed on top of each other, I wonder: Is that natural, will I ever be that flexible? You would think those who sit in lotus must be relaxed, after all it’s not supposed to hurt – it’s a meditation posture!

So lately before sleep I will lie on my back with my legs crossed allowing my hips to slowly open. As you can imagine after about 5 mins this gets quite uncomfortable; I do my best to control my breathing – long slow counts I tell myself before my hips scream at me, “enough, just go to sleep you weirdo”.

While searching for inspiration, I found a very funny article written by Saiko Flack. If you thought you had it tough in class – check this out: “Deep Stretch is Coming“.

It may just give you the motivation to hold your asana just that little bit… l o n g e r

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