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“Breath Focus Yoga” Returns to BYK

I’m very pleased to announce that BREATH FOCUS YOGA IS BACK at Bikram Yoga Kawana on the Sunshine Coast, QLD. I am teaching the following Breath Focus Yoga classes each week: 9:30am Tuesday 6pm Thursday It’s wonderful to see a Bikram (Hot) Yoga studio supporting another style of Yoga rather than just Bikram’s Beginning Yoga […]

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Light on Reading

Teaching freedom within confinement

While shackled to a mirrored podium, a sense of freedom is rare. Self imposed of course because I chose to be there. ‘There’ being a Bikram teacher born out of ignorance, because in the beginning, ignorance is bliss. Time changes and so do we if we’re up for the challenge and for me it’s been […]

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Bikram, your notice has been served.

The Request for Bikram to Step Down in Respect of Ethics and Yoga In the morning of 25 Feb, I had just finished teaching two Bikram Yoga classes and was catching up on social media. After reading the latest charges being brought against Bikram, bravely posted by Janelle Leat on fb (and allowed by Jill […]

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Growing as a Yoga Teacher

When you lack pearls, wisdom is waiting for you… somewhere. It may drop in your lap, other days you have to search for it. This afternoon, I read a blog post that seemed to float down into my dinghy of doldrums, a puff of wind later, my hand reached for the tiller, Aye Cap’n, ashore we go! Intention Leads […]

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Retuning the compass

After almost 5 months since teaching and practicing a Bikram Yoga class, I drop in to see what I’ve missed. My expectations were low. It wasn’t until I received a short, heartfelt email from a student a few weeks ago, that I realised I’d missed teaching. It prompted me to practice to an audio playback of my […]

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This is the End.

“Every Bikram teacher and practitioner, every Yoga teacher, every person needs to look in the mirror now too, and ask yourself really why are you doing it, what you came to Yoga for, and why. Think about it very carefully.” Bikram.

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Bikram performing his sit-up

Sit-up and take notice!

Recently a visiting teacher from Brisbane, Australia came to teach at Bikram Yoga Noosa & Kawana. An observation she made was the yogis were not doing sit-ups as well as she was used to in Brisbane. I replied it was probably because the Kawana studio has just had it’s 1st birthday, the yogis were new […]

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Teacher Wanted – Bikram Yoga Kawana & Noosa, Australia.

Looking for a sweet vacation, ahem teaching gig in paradise? How about Bikram Yoga Noosa & Kawana, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia?! Teacher urgently wanted at Bikram Yoga Noosa & Kawana. Immediate start for full time teaching. Would prefer senior teacher of minimum four years but happy to consider any applicant with good references and teaching skills. Must have a […]

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One of the lovely beaches, Sunshine Coast

duCalme to real calm

After 4 years to the day, I have returned to Australia to settle, for 12 months at least, to live and teach, enjoy the sun and surf and slow down to the Sunshine Coast vibe, where yogis wander in 10 mins before class, practice with peace and freshen up in the ocean after class. Suffice to say, life is a little more r e l a x e d in these parts.

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