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Teacher Training Week 3

All is well after week 3 at Bikram Teacher Training. Bikram has been away the past week so we’ve managed to finish our posture clinics and lectures before midnight. He returns late this week so I’m sure the late nights watching Bollywood films and ancient episodes from the Mahabharata will start again! The body and […]

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Eye of Eyjafjallajokull

One week later than intended but finally I arrive in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA for Spring 2010 Bikram Yoga Teacher Training! Who knows what awaits, I’m stalling inside the airport taking advantage of free wifi before I step into the infamous world of BYTT – daily double classes for the next 8 weeks, lectures, posture […]

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TT Fall 09 – Happy as a Pig in ***t

Bikram Yoga Teacher Training – Fall 09 is in the 3rd week, so congratulations to all the students who made it to the Las Vegas torture chamber! For those of us who haven’t been, we can only try and imagine what it might be like, physically and mentally and emotionally. I’ve met a few yogis […]

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