10 min love fest’

Yesterday I was teaching the 6 and 9:30 at BY Kawana. Most times after the 6 and clean, I practice a quick 45mins yoga before the 9:30. What I really wanted was to go for a surf. I had a 2 hour session at Moffat’s the previous day and wondered if there were still waves. So I procrastinated… the mins ticked by and then it was 8:30. I had to open the doors at 9:00 so barely time to do naught; shit.

Enough! With a scowl, I shut up shop, fly down Main, arrive the beach in 5-10. Thinking, at least have a body bash in the shore-break, then a guy walks back with a board under his wing, “And?”. “Ah it’s dropped off mate but it’s…” Enough! So I grab my fish (board in car always at the ready), run down and jump in. I have 10 mins.

5 small peelers later, I run up the beach, shower outdoors, fly up Main and open shop at 9:30 with a grin.

It was a 10 min love fest’. You can do anything in 10, just make up that damn mind of yours!

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