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Do Hot Yoga...

The next best thing to being inside: outside!

After a shot of cortisone in my elbow on Monday, I’ve had to avoid, frustratingly so, the surf & hot room in favour of taking it easy (honey). I self-practiced midweek in the heat before class but it was a little too early, considering the $150 spent to inject and the pain poked me back […]

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One of the lovely beaches, Sunshine Coast

duCalme to real calm

After 4 years to the day, I have returned to Australia to settle, for 12 months at least, to live and teach, enjoy the sun and surf and slow down to the Sunshine Coast vibe, where yogis wander in 10 mins before class, practice with peace and freshen up in the ocean after class. Suffice to say, life is a little more r e l a x e d in these parts.

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Back in Pest

So good to be back in Budapest. Even though I speak less than 20 words of Magyar, I feel at ease in this city, so different from my home in Stockholm for the past 2.5 years. Fair enough, my girl is Hungarian, her family and friends live here and it’s our default holiday destination, so […]

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