Back in Pest

So good to be back in Budapest. Even though I speak less than 20 words of Magyar, I feel at ease in this city, so different from my home in Stockholm for the past 2.5 years. Fair enough, my girl is Hungarian, her family and friends live here and it’s our default holiday destination, so I’m a little biased.

I don’t need a map, although I can lose myself on any street. They don’t serve soy latte but the beer is cheap and plentiful. There’s no beach but the Danube flows through, fast and a little grungy like the city it divides. I’ve never lived here so I can’t honestly compare Bp to anywhere but a holiday destination. It’s in my top five and I’d like to make it home one day, even for just a year or two.

There are a three Bikram Studios here. I’ve practiced and taught (a couple) at Bikram Yoga Központ and Bikram Yoga Buda. All I can say is good things: great community, teachers and space. Come visit, take your class in Magyar then get out and about; there’s more than 26&2 in this town!

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