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Nasal breather vs mouth breather

You want my tongue where?!

Where is the correct placement for your tongue in your mouth? The other week, a student asked me this question after a Yoga teacher told the class to relax the tongue from the top of the mouth, down to the bottom of the mouth during Savasana. I’m glad he asked since I’ve heard the same instruction […]

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Hey, I just got “Mindfulness Eating”!

How often do you really taste and appreciate what you eat? Recently, I tried mindfulness eating and it literally blew my mind. I became so engrossed in so many subtle ways, perhaps similar to the sensation of flavours, a baby experiences for the first time. I can understand how the fashion of mindfulness-everything can have you […]

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How Yoga Transforms Your Body

It’s not often I cut and paste from another website but here’s an interesting infographic and article by the Huffington Post about how yoga transforms your body. Check out all the links and it will keep you reading for a while… but don’t miss your next class! How Yoga Changes Your Body, Starting The Day […]

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Autologous Blood Injection vs Cortisone Injection

Paula, a Bikram yogi walked in for class the other day and asked me how my elbow was going. She had read my blog and was curious why I chose a cortisone injection rather than an autologous blood injection. Say what? She quickly explained there was an alternative to cortisone injections. This was news to […]

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Vajrasana (Thunderbolt Pose)

Vajrasana for the digestive system

I’ve been researching postures efficacious for reducing acidity in the digestive system.  A simple pose to perform after each meal is Vajrasana (Thunderbolt Pose). Bikram yogis will be familiar with Vajrasana; in Bikram’s dialogue we are told to “sit down Japanese style”, the starting point from which we perform Supta Vajrasana (Fixed Firm Pose) and Kapalbhati […]

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Morter March - Think: "I am thankful and grateful for (goal)"

When Yoga is not B.E.S.T

The problem with being a Yoga teacher is that I expect the Yoga to be a somewhat cure all and when it doesn’t, I’m at a loss to choose another method or therapy for relief. I have little confidence in the medical system and after a recent injection of cortisone to my right elbow, although […]

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Veronika’s Chocolate & Fruit Smoothie Tips!

We are down a teacher at Bikram Yoga Kawana & Noosa; HELLO, DIDN’T YOU SEE THE JOB ADVERT – IT’S STILL UP FOR GRABS!. So I’m teaching a lot atm, plus I’m on a six week Bikram Yoga challenge! Veronika usually keeps me pumped full of goodness with more raw than roasted these days but she’s away […]

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Bikram Yoga & Cancer

There’s a lot of bull written about Bikram Yoga; but here’s an interesting one. Dr. Joel E Brame explains how Bikram Yoga helps to overcome the five basic characteristics of a cancerous body: 1. It is highly “acidic”. 2. It lacks oxygen. 3. It is full of toxic substances. 4. It has poor immunity. 5. […]

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