Day One – in the bag

Day One 2nd Jan 2009 :: First 30-Day Challenge :: Bikram Yoga Maroochydore. Teacher: Priscilla

‘One down, only 364 to go’ was my first thought as my body relaxed into the last savasana. I allowed myself a quick smile before sinking into my warm, sweaty towel and reflecting on my first class and the many more to come.

With Priscilla at the helm, teaching a packed room, I had a surprisingly strong class considering I spent the past few days nursing some exotic virus my Irish brother in law, Gary smuggled back into Australia. It did coincide with a considerable dent we made in my dads home brew stash over the last two weeks but that’s a mere coincidence I assure you!

With the humidity at an all time high, I’m glad I shaved the pseudo mullet hairdo about an hour before class; a clean slate for the road ahead. Could I possibly let my hair grow for the next 12 months without a cut? Hmm interesting thought…

Right I’m off to edit my first video.

For more Day1 photos check out my flikr collection here


  • Tanya

    Good luck, Matt! I’m looking forward to following your adventures!

  • Matt

    Hey Thanks for your support Tanya, cheers!

  • Andrea

    Well done for getting off the starting blocks Matt. Look forward to seeing you in class and following your story.

  • art

    Good luck Matt! I’m starting my own 30 day challenge tomorrow! I’ll be following along through your blog and twitter!

  • Matt

    Cheers Andrea, why don’t you do the challenge with me? If you start today you only have 4 double classes to do to catch up!!

  • Matt

    Hey Art, thanks for dropping in. You just reminded me about posting regularly on twitter too. Good luck with your 30-day challenge, where are you doing it? I’ll be following you on twitter also.

  • Andrea

    Mmmmmm! Sounds easy! Only 4 double classes to catch up. Phew! I look forward to following your journey instead!