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Nasal breather vs mouth breather

You want my tongue where?!

Where is the correct placement for your tongue in your mouth? The other week, a┬ástudent asked me this question after a Yoga teacher told the class to relax the tongue from the top of the mouth, down to the bottom of the mouth during Savasana. I’m glad he asked since I’ve heard the same instruction […]

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short days, long sleepless nights

A bout of insomnia lingers. I’ve done my best to kick it but each night my soul takes my restless conscious for a ride. It’s hungry for experience as much as I and if I don’t feed it enough during the day I’ll pay for it after midnight. I lie in the heat, drawing as […]

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Day One – in the bag

Day One 2nd Jan 2009 :: First 30-Day Challenge :: Bikram Yoga Maroochydore. Teacher: Priscilla ‘One down, only 364 to go’ was my first thought as my body relaxed into the last savasana. I allowed myself a quick smile before sinking into my warm, sweaty towel and reflecting on my first class and the many […]

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