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La Recoleta Cemetery Buenos Aires

365 classes and finally starting to get it

While brushing my teeth tonight, I realised today marks my 365th class for the year! One class a day since 02 Jan 2009, with a double class in Switzerland and Sweden. My challenge is “12 Months, 12 Countries, a 30 Day Challenge in each” so technically 365 Days finishes on 01 Jan 2010; 2 classes […]

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Happy Birthday Bikram Viña!

Bikram Yoga Viña is celebrating its 1 year anniversary this month. Happy Birthday!! To commemorate the occasion, we practiced the Sunday 15th Nov class at Playa Caleta Abarca (Caleta Abarca Beach) in Viña del Mar. If you think practicing yoga at the beach is all about serenity, think again, it was so hard keeping balance […]

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TT Fall 09 – Yoyo

Last night I had one of the best classes in a long time. We arrived in Vina del Mar, Chile on the 2nd Nov’ and were amazed how different this place feels from Mexico City. The energy and atmosphere is very relaxed and comfortable. Of course Vina is a lot smaller and being close to […]

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