Happy Birthday Bikram Viña!

Viviana shows how it's done

Bikram Yoga Viña is celebrating its 1 year anniversary this month. Happy Birthday!! To commemorate the occasion, we practiced the Sunday 15th Nov class at Playa Caleta Abarca (Caleta Abarca Beach) in Viña del Mar.

If you think practicing yoga at the beach is all about serenity, think again, it was so hard keeping balance on the soft sand but so very lovely to feel the natural heat of the sun on your skin. After class Viviana, Gui and Sebastiàn swam out to the buoys, about 100m off the beach. The ocean is freezing and I almost turned back after the first 10m but had to keep the hard core Australian image intact.

This Sunday (22nd Nov) we’re having our class under the palm trees at Botanico Nacional, followed by a celebration BBQ. Come and join us!

Salabhasana - Locust Posereaching for the moonDhanurasana - Bow Pose

Finding our feet in Awkward PoseGarurasana - EagleUstrasana - Camel

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