Self Practice

I know it’s not the same as going to the studio; no heat the most glaring factor. But there’s nothing quite like finding the time and space within your own home, amongst all your distractions to practice yoga. In the studio you are told to resist the temptation to wipe the sweat, focus one point and clear your mind. You’re in a bubble though and after practicing regularly these large feats become insignificant, unchallenging, automatic. At home it’s a whole different mind game. Instead of yoga shorts, a full length, wool ice-breaker get-up is donned. The mac, itouch and phone slid out of arms reach and after the last dying moments of procrastination subside, you begin Pranayama. The email pings, texts and appliances vie for mind control and it’s just like you’re a beginner again.

A Self or Home Practice allows you a quick 1 set 45 min practice if the clock is pushing you,  a 3rd set of Callthatanasana when you fall out or more time to explore the depths. It even helps my teaching.

This morning was almost a perfect home practice: neti pot, yoga, meditation.. but I broke after Eagle for a toilet run; damn compression pose. The toilet was so close, it wasn’t like I was running out of the room! Or was it? There’s always tomorrow.


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