my back doesnt speak to me anymore!

There was a time before Bikram Yoga, when I needed a good stretch and upon arching my back into a barely beyond vertical back-bend, nothing happened. After a month or two of regular practice though, I remember the first time: arching back one day and hearing a small thunderstorm roll up my spine.. wtf?! Oh yeah, that’s relief baby!

After almost a month and a half off after my 365 day challenge, the thunderstorms were less regular and then.. nothing: wake up call! My first class back was hell, warmed up a notch; punctuated by nauseous spells, witchcraft and sorcery and I barely made it out alive. OK a little dramatic perhaps, but it did tickle.. and I wasn’t laughing!!

3 classes down, a few days apart and I’m nervous before every class. It’s so funny – like I’m starting my challenge all over again! Today though, I’m hoping, no, going to, jump straight into a 6 class/week routine – limber up, get strong in mind, and start listening to my body again.

Here’s good article to help you get back inside:

“Murry turns up the heat” BBC Sport


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