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my back doesnt speak to me anymore!

There was a time before Bikram Yoga, when I needed a good stretch and upon arching my back into a barely beyond vertical back-bend, nothing happened. After a month or two of regular practice though, I remember the first time: arching back one day and hearing a small thunderstorm roll up my spine.. wtf?! Oh […]

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Mission Complete – 365 days, worldwide bending

I sit in our little Buenos Aires flat, listening to both Bobs, Dylan then Marley, sipping champagne and thinking of something profound to write. It’s the day after completing my Endless Bikram Yoga Bender. One class a day, everyday – 365 days straight! Nothing comes to mind… today was, just like any other day. I […]

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La Recoleta Cemetery Buenos Aires

365 classes and finally starting to get it

While brushing my teeth tonight, I realised today marks my 365th class for the year! One class a day since 02 Jan 2009, with a double class in Switzerland and Sweden. My challenge is “12 Months, 12 Countries, a 30 Day Challenge in each” so technically 365 Days finishes on 01 Jan 2010; 2 classes […]

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