“The clock on the wall keeps on pushin me..

Balancing Chip - Advanced Pose..that’s not the way I want my life to be” lyric runs through my head. I’m sure Louis Tillett was thinking about a hard days work, not getting to a yoga class on time but I’m on the home stretch now and I can feel it ticking, winking, pushing me. Over a quiet espresso, I find myself contemplating life at the end of the mat, less than 5 weeks away.. omg, already?! Lucky an espresso goes down fast, now back on the bike fella and make the most of it!

If you’re at work and need a break, take a sneak peak at some of my slide shows below. Remember, the clock on the wall is pushing you.. how many hours till your next Bikram class?

Valpariaso,  street art central 15 mins south of Viña, bohemian labyrinth of paths twisting up the mountainside.. unsettling yet beautiful at the same time.
Reñeca Beach, surfs up at last 30 mins noth of Viña, a nice long beach with a sweet surf break but packed with holiday units.
Bikram Yoga in Nacional Botanico We practiced here on 22 Nov as part of Bikram Yoga Viña’s 1 year birthday celebrations.. so lovely to practice deep within nature’s beating heart.
Con Con, for some tasty fillets of Reineta 45 mins mins north of Viña. Wow, what a coastline, so very peaceful and the choice place to go for seafood here.
Santiago, hangin with Mary at San Cristobal Huge city, practiced at Bikram Yoga Peñalolen, more street art and loved the atmosphere at the top of the mountain.
Maitencillo Beach, with a little bit of country along the way

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One Response to “The clock on the wall keeps on pushin me..

  1. cheryl mcmahon December 5, 2009 at 9:01 pm #

    You look really fit and it looks as though you have found some like minded folk in Nacional Botanica. Enjoy the rest of your trip