Tack så mycket Malmö

The iconic Turning Torso in MalmöThank you very much Malmö!

Bikram Yoga Malmö was one of my favourite studios to date. Wonderful people, great atmosphere, energy and well needed relaxation time.

I was also privileged to have some inspiring teachers, Mine, Joshua, Alison, Guru and Whitney (dropping in from Stockholm). It was also a pleasure to take classes from Maria and Oriana, fresh from Spring 09 Teachers Training. Taking their first class, watching their confidence blossom and every class get stronger, I felt I was part of something special.. as if it were my home studio. I guess that shows how comfortable I felt in Malmö. Lastly: Erik, you’re a legend and perfect host mate, cheers!

Now back to the Tapas and beer.. Adiós amigos!

One Response to Tack så mycket Malmö

  1. Erik August 5, 2009 at 6:18 pm #

    Hey mate!
    I also want to thank you!!! It was a pleasure having you as a guest, many laughs and good times! I hope the rest of your adventures will be a blast, but Im quite shure they will.
    See you sooner than later!
    All the best, love and respect,