New Progress Pics for May

Dandayamana janushirasanaI’ve just updated my Progress Page to display the latest photos (for May). The pictures were actually taken by Liliane after I arrived in Luzern as things got a little crazy during the last few days in Budapest. This happened in the last 3 locations so at least I’m consistent!

So the photo may not be a spectacular rendition of Dandayamana Janushirasana: my left leg is a little low, I’m leaning to far back, am sporting a little fat roll and I forgot to pull my pants up properly over my butt! But it marks a special point in my practice – May was the first month I’ve ever locked “both” knees!

So how am I doing now? Well, last week I was struggling a fair bit. When it all comes together it’s magic, when it doesn’t, I try to imagine lying on a beach getting a tan on a very hot day.. hey it works for the first 5 or 10 seconds! But I’m back to practicing some strong classes again. Speaking with other yogis here, they felt the same, so it’s good to know I wasn’t suffering alone!

Timo, a teacher from Zurich dropped in for a Saturday afternoon class and showed me how to do the back bending properly (hands walking backwards down the wall), so I can start to open up a bit more and hopefully go a little deeper during class. It’s a pretty intense thing doing 10 of these after class but will be a new challenge for the next month and we’ll see how I go.

Thanks for all the comments and emails coming through, it’s very inspiring for me especially knowing how many other yogis are practicing the Global Bender challenge with me right now!

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