Going for “magnum” in Luzern

I’m still finding my feet in this gorgeous little city of Luzern. For some reason my compass is not working at all and I keep turning left when I should be going right. I’m not sure if I’m suffering from the same affliction as Derek Zoolander but since I’m on the bike, I end up about 1km down the road before I realise my “blue steel” pout is getting me nowhere fast!

Then there is my lack of focus during class. Did someone steel my mojo in Budapest? I have no drishti and I’m only managing to pull it together once I reach the floor series. I’m wondering if it has something to do with the energy in class. In Budapest, there were a lot of yogis in the room and I felt I was able to tap into that combined energy, at times drawing on or channeling it somehow.

At Bikram Yoga Luzern, the classes are smaller as the studio is quite new. I think I’ll have to find my practice again, try to dig deep and draw everything from within, instead of around me. Hmm we’ll see how it goes.

I’m very settled in my new home though, sharing Sonja’s gorgeous little one bedroom apartment in the northern part of the city, in a quiet area, up a very steep hill. I’m set up with a mattress on the floor in the living room which opens onto a little garden area which is great to relax with a morning cuppa. Sonja’s a nurse and has already administered some medication for me: vitamin B12 which may be lacking in my diet. Thanks Sonja!

Thanks also, Liliane (Bikram Yoga Luzern owner/teacher) for a lovely, relaxing lunch today; great food, company and conversation. I’m sure I’ll find my feet, focus and “magnum” next class! (Make sure you check out the link, it’s an Italian dubbed version!)

The abstract photos are of my train journey from Zurich to Luzern. For more photos check out my Flikr album.

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One Response to Going for “magnum” in Luzern

  1. Marina June 8, 2009 at 9:55 pm #

    Well, I haven’t noticed a difference in my focus depending on how many people are in the class. I am always very much with me and that’s exceptional because usually I am easily distracted. What can have an effect on me however is a teacher I don’t know yet or a teacher I don’t feel sort of connected with. But then, for me it’s day 8 today so let me talk. I am still highly motivated anyway. Maybe I’ll go for the 60 days. You’ve been at it for awhile and I’m sure you’ll find your focus again! Just keep goin’!
    Take care,