Double Class: Day One, Global Bender!

Old Town, ZurichArriving in Switzerland was somewhat of a shock. I was feeling a little numb, not quite sure if I was ready (see Clean Slate) so what better way to throw myself into month five and the Global Bender by doing a double.

Timo (teacher at Bikram Yoga Zurich) had emailed me several weeks before asking if I’d be interested in coming to Zurich for the Global Bender in June. He was a great help, advising me on the different Bikram studios / countries I was considering. When I decided on Bikram Yoga Luzern, he offered me a bed and a tour of Zurich before transiting to Luzern the next day.

Of course he had to throw in the challenge, “Take my 09:00 class in Zurich before catching the train for the 16:00 class in Luzern”. Hmm Righto mate, you’re on!

I arrived in Zurich at 16:25 on Sunday 31 May, immediately touched with Swiss hospitality: Timo met me at airport, handshake in one hand, train tickets (airport to the city and Zurich to Luzern) in the other. “Consider it a little sponsorship” he says with a welcoming smile. A stir in my stomach, tingle up my spine then a flashback of faces explode before my eyes.. unrivaled generosity everywhere I go.

Matt and TimoWe go for dinner at a vegetarian buffet and I think, “Awesome, eat as much as you can lad”. I heap my plate high, each taste bud jumping up and down like excited little children, stomach palpitating. Timo directs me to the scales.. wtf, I have to weigh my plate? Oh shit! The bill shouts “47.00 Swiss Franks” and Timo exclaims, “A new record!”

We take a cobblestone tour of Zurich, perfection peers around each corner and I feel like a rough stone in a manicured playground. Up early for 09:00 class and I’m still feeling a little out of place. I breath my way through the heat, Timo’s trance like, deep voice helping to oil the hinges but the door opens only when the train glides silently into Luzern. Ok I’m home again.

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3 Responses to Double Class: Day One, Global Bender!

  1. Amanda June 3, 2009 at 10:28 pm #

    Isnt it month 6??

  2. Tank June 4, 2009 at 6:15 am #

    Please tell me you have a picture of the 47 franc plate!!!

  3. Matt June 5, 2009 at 10:46 pm #

    Yes month 6, thanks for the correction and no I didn’t get a photo, my hands were too busy 😉