Sexy Platform Fairy

Rocking up to a Bikram Yoga class after flying through the night was going to be tough but wow… was I in for a class to remember!

Hungarian dialogue, oh my!

I floated through one of the strongest classes in months, lulled by Krisztina’s singing voice conjuring un-yogic thoughts with tantric countdowns and numerous calls to “platform fairies” who were obviously floating above us somewhere, at the ready to guide us in and out of our hot, blissfully sweaty asanas.

It was my most pleasurable Bikram Yoga class to date and a perfect introduction to Hungary!

Please explain, you ask? After class I met Robert aka RAM (an American living in Budapest  since 2004) and as we chatted with Krisztina about the all Hungarian dialogue, Robert exclaimed he’d managed to pick up a few snippets of the Hungarian during his last 6 months of practice, namely “platform fairy”. With a laugh Krisztina hastily corrected this misnomer to “Plafon Felè”  which roughly translates to “towards the ceiling”.

Too late Krisztina, those sexy platform fairies have been whispering in my ear ever since!

One Response to Sexy Platform Fairy

  1. Damon May 12, 2009 at 10:32 pm #

    Matt, you must feel right at home with the platform fairies, remind you of those wild nights out in the Cross when on shore leave in Sydney? Love you long time.