Through the Gateway

After a midday Friday class I tucked into 3 scrambled eggs and a side of baked beans (sorry but it was only my 3rd western style meal since Australia) then Ben & Maddy (Bikram teachers at Mumbai), Andrea (Bikram teacher visiting from Vancouver) and I jumped in dueling ricskhaws and galloped towards the train station, recharged for an afternoon exploring South Mumbai.

South Mumbai has a different feel, featuring as many old buildings from it’s colonial past as the north has sprouting shopping malls. It appears more open and developed, a little cleaner maybe but just as hectic as everyone goes about their work – just surviving or making a million.

Whether it was a change of scenery, the great company or spying the Arabian Sea through the Gateway of India, I felt relaxed and quiet at home. As the simmering afternoon traded places with a gentle windy eve we found ourselves strolling along the bay in the quiet company of so many Mumbai locals drawn here by the promise of an empty skyline and soothing peace of the ocean.

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2 Responses to Through the Gateway

  1. Steven Keith March 11, 2009 at 10:54 am #

    Hi Matt, looks as if your doing great! Nice toe stand! Cill and I have left Australia to teach in Houston. look us up if you get a chance. Will keep checking in.

  2. Matt March 11, 2009 at 3:44 pm #

    Hey Steve, I’ve been meaning to send you a mail to ask you what you were up to. Great news re Houston, congrats! Will def’ look you up, would be awesome to hook up with you guys there. Hi to Priscilla!