Manori Island Getaway

After a few weeks of the hustle and bustle of Mumbai life, Akhil promised us a little getaway with his extended family to Manori Island.

To get there we zig zagged on rickshaw through the quaint Versova Fishing Village, caught a ferry to Madh Island then set off on a mostly airborne bus ride to the end of the road. We then walked to the end of a whitish sandy beach, climbed aboard another ferry and motored quietly toward Manori Island. From the wharf a 4wd took us to our very basic and hidden away resort.

After lunch we wandered down onto the wide open beach before realizing none of us had brought beach towels! I guess we didn’t expect to swim, however we found a large grass mat hanging over the palm fence, set up camp and before long the girls were fast asleep.

Thankfully Manori beach is a lot cleaner than Juhu so a few of us braved a swim, followed by a little kite flying before lazing around and watching the sun set over the ocean.

More Manori Island getaway pics here!

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One Response to Manori Island Getaway

  1. Chrissy March 30, 2009 at 3:51 am #

    Hey guys……

    Nice blog Matt and this picnic looks like fun but where’s the party you’ll promised us;P
    If we don’t get to see you before you go happy travels and lots of HOT Yoga sessions 😉

    Take care,
    Chrissy ( from the screening rm)