Happy Holi – Festival of Colour

I was up so early this morning I had to wake the rickshaw driver, sound asleep on the back seat. He wasn’t exactly pleased but with no other Rickshaw in sight, I flashed a smile, wished him happy Holi and we were off, bumping along through the peaceful pre-dawn haze, empty roads before us, sleeping bodies beside us, dotted along the sidewalk in makeshift lodgings.

Not my usual time to seize the day but today was Holi Day and the 7am Bikram class was the only one scheduled.

The colourful festival of Holi is essentially a celebration of good over evil although some of the antics I saw would have you debating; a full spectrum of powdered colour dye, water balloons and buckets of mud finding their way across your face, clothes, skin and hair! Just when you thought nothing else could stick to you, yet another round and bringing the most cheer: raw eggs cracked on your head! All in good fun and highly amusing with the evidence of the day remaining on your skin for days and clothes forever!

Read more about Holi Day and the Legends of Holi.

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One Response to Happy Holi – Festival of Colour

  1. Ian March 14, 2009 at 9:49 am #

    Hey, some great photos getting up there! Do you even need heated rooms over there for practice? I had my best home session yesterday with the morning 6am session delayed untill a must warmer 4pm; results were much more pronounced. Heat is good. Not sure if I’m ready to look up the Launceston studio yet (if there is one)!