morning glory

12:35pm The open air restaurant spills onto sidewalk chaos, lunch time hustle and bustle in full swing, noisy tuk tuks and motorbikes battle with taxis and minibuses and yet… it’s so peaceful. I try and lift my comatose frame out of the cane chair but nothing, everything in slow motion… I’ve gone and done it now – the afternoon a complete write off.

Those having been to Thailand before may be familiar with my condition: PTMD – Post Thai Massage Disorder!

My plans for an the day thwarted by Nicky, one of the local Bikram teachers with an offer to take me to the massage studio she frequents. How could I refuse, I’ve been in Bangkok almost a week! She shows me in “when you finish try the morning glory next door” and vanishes. I’m intrigued, my visit to the Grand Palace will have to wait.

My first meal of the day is slid in front of me. I summon any strength left from the 8:30am yoga class and slump forward into a plate overflowing with steamed spinach and a sprinkle of chillies. A tall glass of Lemon juice beckons and an egg omelet with white rice and yet more chili is waiting. Morning Glory? The spinach goes by the same name and is absolutely divine!

I smile and keep the joke to myself. With a now unplanned day ahead, I plan to unwind into my new body, my shoulders so relaxed I may as well not have any at all. I could melt into this chair and not move another inch for the rest of the day and the best thing is, I don’t have yoga for another 24 hrs!

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2 Responses to morning glory

  1. Andrea February 10, 2009 at 8:48 pm #

    Hi Matt

    I am interested to know if you have noticed any changes with your flexibility etc having done nearly 1 1/2 months of bikram every day. Are you finding any postures easier or noticing and changes? Sounds like you are having fun…

    Bye for now

    Andrea (Maroochydore)

  2. Matt February 11, 2009 at 1:59 am #

    Hi Andrea! Yes the main postures I’m seeing movement in are Standing Bow (although my toes are poking out the side of my ear and not the top of my head!) and Toe stand (only right side). I’m trying to relax into the postures more now too which is helping.

    I hope all is going well at home, say hi to the Maroochydore yogis!